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Monday, September 28, 2015

How to use email marketing for business?

How to use email marketing for business?
How to use email marketing for business?

Are you looking for ways and methods to increase traffic to your business website? 

Look no further!

Email marketing has proven to be the most cost effective and productive marketing tool.

In use for two decades, emails have the highest read percentage (Approx. 43%) compared 
to other online marketing strategies like SMS, WhatsApp and social media. 

This guide will help you get the best response from your email marketing campaigns.

Step 1: Strategy

Who are your target audience for the email campaigns? 

How will the emails benefit them? Yes, unless there is something for the end user, they will not open the email!

What are you trying to promote? Your services / products / company news? 

From where will you collect the database? 

How will you send the emails? There should be a tracking system for analysis purpose. How many emails were opened / clicked / un-subscribed / SPAM / blocked? 

Once, you have analysed and answered the above questions, you are ready to roll!

Step 2: Collecting the email Database

The email database can you be your existing clients, dealers etc. Depending on your line of business the database will vary from services to services and products to products. 

There are options of purchasing the databases  from several providers. But there is always risk of landing with an email list with duds that will only tarnish your company image and  get your email address blocked by ISP.

One of the best methods to collect an email database of prospective clients is during trade shows and exhibitions. 

An investment in a digital business card reader will be worthwhile. The database can be exported to an Excel sheet or Text document for later usage in email marketing software.

Business Card Reader

Step 3: Landing page 

The very purpose of an email campaign is to drive traffic to the website and generate new business.

Devise specific pages on your business website, that will be used as the target page for the email campaign. 

Each of these landing pages, should have a specific goal. Does the page communicate clearly about the product / service? Ensure, that there is a 'Call to action' button in the page. 

For selling product, place the link to purchase the product on the page itself. 

For promoting service, the communication links should be prominently placed. 

Floating toolbars are useful in displaying the email address and business contact number. The floating toolbars can be either at the top or bottom of the page.

Step 4: Writing the emailer

Will you be designing an image based emailer? Or text based?

An image based emailer will be attractive but heavy to load on mobile phones.

A pure text based one will be fast loading and work very well for reaching maximum number of people and least loading time. 

Ensure that there are two to three hyperlinks in the emailer, pointing to the specific page.

Always, focus on one service / product per emailer. 

Have a clear 'Call to Action' link. What do you want the email reader to do next? Sign up for your newsletter or visit your page and generate business inquiry.

Step 5: Sending the emails

There are several methods in which you can send the emails.

Gmail allows you upto 500 emails per day in the free account and 2000 in business account.

Paid online services like MailChimp and MailJet are professional allow you to upload the email database and design emails. 

They also offer, ready to use templates that can be customised as per your requirements. 

Scheduling your emails is another powerful method to automate your email marketing campaigns. 

Step 6: Analysis

Once, the emails have been sent, you should have the tools to analyse the response. 

Sending emails from Outlook  / Gmail etc. have a majors drawback in the terms of lack of reporting. 

Professional online tools like MailChip and MailJet allow you to analyse the response.

Here are some reports and graphs on the statistics of email campaign: 



Effectiveness of an email campaign cannot be under estimated. With systematic approach and professional outlook towards the online marketing strategy, companies can expect a decent ROI (Return On Investment).

Monday, September 14, 2015

Real Diamond Necklace and Jewelry Photographs

Here is a collection of some photographs of real diamond jewelry taken at our studio in Vashi - Navi Mumbai.  

Real diamond earrings on black background
Real diamond earrings on black background

Real diamond broach
Real diamond broach 

Real diamond pendant
Real diamond pendant

Real Diamond necklace with earrings
Real Diamond necklace with earrings

Monday, September 7, 2015

Photographs of Radha-Krishna pure silver idols

Here is a collection of Radha-Krishna and solo Lord Krishna  sterling silver idols on stands.