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Monday, August 3, 2015

10 ways to create content rich website

10 ways to make your website content rich !

10 ways to create content rich website

Would you like to drive more search engine traffic to your website? 

Does your current website, provide complete and easy to understand information on your services / products?

Do website visitors, email you for more information about their requirements?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a yes, then this blog post is for you.

Having a content rich website is one of the best ways to get good position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) along with the benefit of having new customers, giving reason for current customers to visit your website again and build your brand.

Let us first define, what make a website rich in content?

A content rich website, is a stop solution provider for all or at-least most of your customer's queries and requirements.

Here the top ten ways, to make your website content rich; which in turn will make you rich :) 

1. Define the purpose of the website clearly.

Get a well designed responsive website professionally done

The home page, should convey clearly to the visitor, the purpose. Are you into retail selling? Do you provide specialised service to a niche industrial sector? Are you into a selected market segment that caters to B2B? 
Whatever, your service / product offerings, define it clearly.

Do not clutter your home page with your company profile, vision / mission statements etc.

2. Write lucidly

Write easy to read content

Do you expect majority of website visitors to have technical knowhow and to be tech savvy in your field?

For the vast majority of your audience, encountering technical jargon is a major put-off. 

Even if, your company is providing a technical product / service, there should be clear explanation in easy to understand language.

Aim to include information in small, easy to read and small paragraphs.

Use fonts like Arial, Times New Roman etc. that are generic and easy on eyes to read.

Font size again makes as impact on the overall readability and user experience of the website. As a rule of thumb, use 12 or 14 font size for text content.

For page headings, you can use 24 and 18 for subheadings.

3. Include appropriate images

Good images add value to the website

Create harmonious balance, between the text and images. 

Typically, for every 300 words, there should be one image/graphic.

Use only images to which you have copyrights or you can buy stock images online.

There are several stock images selling websites, here are some of the popular ones: 

In case, you are working on low / small budgets, consider including images from royalty free websites like Pixabay, Morguefile and  Stock.XCHNG

Graphics add value to the webpage, they are light weight and easy to understand. Graphics can be designed in-house or out sourced to professionals.
Graphics are generally line art drawing, that are easy to create and explain a point.

For companies / business, that have large collection of  images, the website should have an image gallery, that holds the best of the project / product images. Be sure, to reduce the image size, without compromising on the quality.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is good option to display quality images with minimum file size.

GIF (Graphical Interface File) are ideal to create animated files and other line art based images.

JPEG (Joint Pictures Experts Group) file format in ideal for photographs and images that are taken by cameras / scanned from documents etc.

4. Blog

Blogging adds content value to the website

Blogging is the cornerstone for content marketing.

You cannot keep on adding more and more content to your website, in order to provide the latest and comprehensive information.

Blog posts are an ideal manner to update your website visitors with latest news / events etc.

For content marketing, ensure that your have a professionally written blog posts that are well researched and supported by images/graphics/infographics etc. 

Here are some popular blogging platforms, that are used by small / medium business owners:

5. Add Graphs / Charts / Infographics

Graphs are easy to understand

Any information, that can be displayed in  table, should ideally be converted to a graph / chart.

A bar graph displaying the variations of income / sales in much more easily understood than a table depicting the same.

An infographic is an ideal media to explain a complex process / procedure to your website visitors.

Have a look at the infographic below, that highlights the contents of this blog post. 

Infographic on ways to create rich content website

Infographic on ways to create rich content website

6. Give Away: Downloads

Give free downloads for brochures, catalogs etc.

Create a download centre. One place, where the website visitors should be able to download company brochures, product catalogues and other information in PDF format. 
You can always increase the security of downloadable PDFs, by making them password protected or print protected and non-editable.

Keep in mind the file size! Do not upload heavy files, not many users would download a 100mb PDF. Reduce the PDF size and then get it uploaded by the website maintenance agency. 

7. Create animations

Addition of animations increasing the time, visitors spend on the web page

The website users tend to spend more time on a web page, that has animations included! That is a fact... not a sales pitch by me.

Include 60 - 90 seconds animation, that is relevant to specific topic of the page.

If you are a manufacturer, your CAD designer will be the best source of 3D rendered animations.

Get the animated video files edited by a professional video editor and do not forget to add your logo!

Custom made animations can also be character based with voice over or white board animations.

White board animations are interesting and can get a relatively complex point explained in a simple and easy to understand manner. 

8. Videos

Videos can be posted free on Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms

Long considered to be the magnets to which website visitors 'stick'; you cannot afford to ignore this one!

The biggest advantage of including videos on your website is: you can undertake video marketing on Youtube! 

Along with the uploading of the videos to, you can add links to your respective web pages and increase website traffic, generate leads and convert them to business.

9. Be Social

Add Social media website icons

Add social media sharing buttons throughout the website.

There are several free plug-ins available, that can be implemented off the shelf for your website.

Here are some examples:

10. Get in touch

Responding back to clients is important

Add a floating inquiry form!

There are various plug-ins for Wordpress, that allows you to create a floating form. Be sure not exceed the number of fields: THREE.

Report after report has proved that the number of website visitors who fill in the forms is reversely proportionate to the number of  fields in a form!

Ensure that, all the web pages have your contact details: Company name, Office address, Telephone numbers and link to Email ID.

In the contact us page, include a Google Map of your office, this will guide new visitors to your office.

Never stop - learning


Pay attention to the website content, it is a powerful way to communicate with your current and potential customers; domestically and internationally.