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Monday, April 13, 2015

Corporate Executives Photo-shoot in Mumbai

Photography of Corporate Executives in Mumbai

Here are some of the photographs clicked for a corporate house in Mumbai. The entire shoot was done within a span of 4 hours! Over 100 photographs were clicked and the final results were re-touched to produce the best images. 

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These corporate photographs were used for their annual report, website etc.

Conference Room with executives

Corporate Executive - Male

Corporate Executive - Female

 Group Photographs

Group photography of executives is always challenging, as there are always chances that some member in the photograph may have their eyes closed or their mouth open. In some cases, one of the executives maybe looking not at the photographer / lens, but distracted by some activity / person next to the photographer / outside the window /door. 

Multiple shots are always taken in rapid succession, so that at-least one of the photographs has all the people posing in the desired manner. 

Another trick, that sometimes works is: tell all the participants to close their eyes and open them at the count of three! At that very moment the photograph is taken along with the flash, that ensures better chances of better good photograph.

In some case, we may have to restore to editing, by juxtaposing the photographs in an image editing software and them carefully edit the image, so that in the final photograph, everyone is "looking" at the photographer and we get the perfect shot. 
Corporate Group Photograph

Corporate Meeting

Corporate Executive - Male

Office Executive - Male

Corporate Executive - Female

Office Executive - Male

Corporate Executive - Male
Photographs of the individual executives, is much simpler as compared to the group shots. There are various options that can be explored for the photography. Some people have a natural broad smile, that showcases them in the best light.

For male executives, I generally tend to post them at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees to the camera, so that they do not look "squarish" and there is elegance in their pose.

For female executives, depending on the background, their clothes and accessories, I make them pose with facing front to the camera.  In case, the person does not have a great wide smile, that shows the teeth and slight smiling pose should be good enough.

Post processing of the executive photographs

As per the project requirements, extensive post processing of the photographs may be done, so that "model" like portrait photographs can be achieved. The editing can be done either in Adobe Photo Shop or a dedicated software like Portrait Professional.

The general steps involved are: removal of birthmarks, whitening of the eyes, removal of wrinkles, blemishes removal etc.

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