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Monday, April 6, 2015

360 Degree Video of Silver Idol

360 Degrees Video of Silver Idol

Here is a video of a sterling silver idol of Radha-Krishna on black background: 

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Video shoot of this type involves planning and preparation. 

A turntable was employed to rotate the product in 360 degrees. One 1000W halogen light was used to illuminate the product. The light was kept behind the camera mounted on a  sturdy tripod.

The basic level editing was done in Microsoft Movie maker, that has the basic level of tools required to make this video, that was shot on a full frame Canon 6D camera and Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens.

The rotation duration of the turn table was 95 seconds per rotation, which was increased in the video editor by 6x, so that the resulting video is faster and showcases the product at a decent and comfortable pace to the view.

Complete manual focus was employed so that the final video of the product is sharp and no shallow DOF[Depth Of Focus] is visible.In these type of videos, shallow DOF will result in a blurred and out of ficus image video.

There are several products that taken up for 360 degree video shoots, provided they are light weight and they can placed to the turn table.

In order, to ensure that he back ground is completely black, we ensured that no light spills on the black paper / black velvet cloth used at the backdrop material.

We can add many different type / kinds of background but one of the best one would be the black, so that the viewers attention is one the product and not distracted by the coloured / patterned background.

The video shooting was done at our studio in Vashi - Navi Mumbai.