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Monday, March 2, 2015

Industrial Photography of Tile Fixing and Masonry Work

Professional Photography of tiles and masonry

Recently, we undertook an industrial photography assignment to shoot fixing of various types of industrial and residential tiles at Bhiwandi. It was a comprehensive two days shoot, which involved setting up the lights and equipment for the entire two days in the warehouse; where special arrangements were made to enable the shoot. 

Several staff from the client side were involved and one of the important aspects that was required to to be highlighted was the branding. The staff wore t-shirts and caps with the branding  and many angles were taken to prominently display the company name and logo. 

Here are some of the photographs captured: 

Workers fixing an industrial tile
Workers fixing a large tile

Mason working on putting swimming pool tile
Swimming pool glass tile fixing
Rubber mallet being used by a worker
Rubber Mallet being used by mason
Mason applying cement to fix a tile
Mason a platform to fix tile

Grouting of tiles by a mason
Grouting of tiles by a mason

Process of making the cement ground level
Worker leveling the cement flooring for tiling work
Workers with a bag of cement with mixer at a tile fixing site
Workers mixing cement
Mason with hammer and chisel on a platform wearing safety harness and helmet
Worker with hammer and chisel