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Monday, March 30, 2015

Silver Idols on White Background

Photographs of Sterling Silver Idols on White Background

These are some of the photographs clicked at our studio at Vashi; Navi Mumbai.

Product photography always involves planning and preparing for the shoot to go smoothly. All the idols were cleaned prior to the shoot and white gloves were used to handle them. There  are always chances that there would the oil or dirt smudges on the idols and that would make the post processing either very difficult or re-shoot will have to be done.

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The editing of the images was done in Adobe Photoshop CS6, There general setup is to use
two studio strobes to shoot these type of products. We also undertake 360 degree video shoot of the products, which are small as well light enough to be mounted on the turn table. 

High resolution photographs along with web resolution were delivered in DVD to the client. The entire shoot of 20 idols along with editing was done in a single day.

Here are the complete EXIF details: 
  • Camera - Canon
  • Model - EOS 6D
  • Orientation - Top left
  • X-Resolution - 240.00
  • Y-Resolution - 240.00
  • Resolution Unit - Inch
  • Software - Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
  • Artist - Pashminu Mansukhani
  • Copyright - DIGITAL STUDIO
  • ExifOffset - 288
  • Exposure Time - 1/160 seconds
  • FNumber - 16
  • Exposure Program - Manual control
  • ISO Speed Ratings - 100
  • Exif Version - 0230
  • Shutter Speed Value - 1/160 seconds
  • Aperture Value - F 16.00
  • Exposure Bias Value - 0
  • Max Aperture Value - F 2.83
  • Metering Mode - Spot
  • Flash - Flash not fired, compulsory flash mode
  • Focal Length - 100 mm
  • Subsec Time Original - 00
  • Exif Image Width - 5427
  • Exif Image Height - 3648
  • Exposure Mode - Manual
  • White Balance - Auto
  • Scene Capture Type - Standard

Sterling Silver Ganesh Idol

Sterling Silver Guru Nanak

Sterling Silver Standing Krishna Idol

Silver Ganesh Idol

Sterling Silver Saraswati idol

Sterling Silver Shiva idol

Monday, March 23, 2015

How to make a corporate film - A Complete Guide

Corporate film Making - A Complete Guide

There are certain crucial steps involved in making a corporate film. As more and more companies are looking out to get their Audio-visual presentations done in professional manner,  this step by step guide will assist in understanding the stages of development.

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Corporate Film making guide - inforgraphic
Corporate Film Making - A Complete Guide

As Corporate film makers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, we have vast experience in handling multi-location projects all over India.

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Corporate Film Video:

For any good corporate film project; development can be broken down in three main steps:

Stage 1: Pre-production


  • At this stage the initial meetings with the client are done to understand: Company background, reason for the film and target audience along with the message to be conveyed thru the corporate film. Planning shooting schedules dates and days, scene wise breakup, manpower planning etc. are discussed at length and resources allotted accordingly.
  • Along with the above step, one of the important steps is data / information collection. Does the company have any existing photographs and/or videos to be incorporated in the new video?
  • Company profile is reviewed along the complete understanding of their business model and global positioning.
  • Draft script of the voice over is prepared, short listing of the voice over artist/s and location recce is undertaken.
  • In some projects, the voice over requirement may be in regional language/s, which involves translation of script as well as the text suppers that will be inserted at the post production stage [Stage #3].
  • On the approval of the final script the story boarding in initiated.
  • Client's approval at every stage is sought and feedback taken and incorporated; so that there is clear communication between the filmmakers  and the corporate communication.
  • In case, the  project involves hiring of special equipment like a 20 feet jib or the script demands shooting from an aerial vehicle, then that equipment is arranged on hire for the specific day/duration at the site location.

Stage 2: Production

This important stage involves the actual process of video shooting.

  • Our team director, DOP [Director of Photography], cameraman and light boys reach the site well in time to setup the equipment, lights etc.
  • In most projects, the management top/CEO is interviewed so that the company's vision/mission is broadcasted in the best effective manner.
  • The shoot is done, as per the story boarding.
  • For companies that are involved in manufacturing, the shoot includes capturing the factory premises, with the workers performing various activities, machines, equipments and departments. These type of corporate films, typically include the complete process being captured from the raw materials, manufacturing processes, to Quality Control department and finally to the dispatch division. The shoot is typically done in a schedule of 8 hours, including the breaks for lunch and tea/coffee/snacks. 
  • Professional porta lights are used to highlight the range of equipment / office premises. These 1000W tungsten lights are adequate enough, for the cameras to capture the best video footage on the full HD resolution [1920 by 1080].
  • For interviews, we employ LED/Fluorescent lights, as these are cold lights, and allow the interviewer to stay comfortable and talk as per the script. 
  • Industrial photography is generally a part of the package, so that we can capture high quality images to be used in the editing. 
  •  Teleprompter is used in situations, where the duration of the interview is lengthy or the  person being interviewed is camera conscious or both. The only, slight disadvantage of the teleprompter is that it results in a person speaking in a very non-casual manner. On careful, observation, the viewer is able to make out that the person is reading off the teleprompter.
  •  We regularly hire professional make-up artist, so the CEO / CMD being interviewed is presented in the most professional manner. Typically, the interview is done within the corporate office premises; generally at the desk of the executive.
  • Certificates / awards / trophies are prominently displayed next to the CEO / CMD or behind him/her.
  •  The audio is captured using professional audio recording device.
  •  Industrial and corporate photography is done, as we require some high quality photographs in the Stage #3: Post Production.
  • The video shooting is done using a full frame Digital SLR like Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 / Mark 3 or Canon EOD 6D.
  • We have complete on-site backup facility, so that once the shot is completed, we immediately make one copy on our on-site laptop as well as external backup hard disk.

Stage 3: Post Production

  • After successful completion of the shoot, the entire footage is copied on our high end professional workstations.
  • Armed with SATA hard disks and 32 GB DDR3 RAM along with high speed video cards, the footage is converted to the editing format.
  • The editing is generally done on Adobe Premier and sometimes on Apple Final Cut Pro.
  • Along with the video editing software, we employ other software like Adobe After Effects / 3D Studio Max etc.
  • The footage is lined up and the editing is done as per the script.
  • Dummy voice over recording is done and the draft video is showcased to the client.
  • Any video footage / photographs shared by the client in the Stage #1: Pre-Production is included at the appropriate stages, as demanded by the script.
  • Background music is either purchased or royalty/copyright free versions are downloaded. In no circumstances, we use copyrighted material from any source.
  • The final video output in full HD is delivered to the client, as per the delivery schedule, in a DVD.
  • Along with the DVD, the delivery of email/Youtube version and DVD version is done.

The entire process of the corporate film making, takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks to 8 weeks, depending on the scope of the project, locations involved and VFX etc. to be included.