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Monday, January 12, 2015

Calf Leather Shoe Photographs

Calf Leather Shoe Photographs

Here are some of the photographs taken of a brand new calf leather shoe, in Mumbai. 

Great care has been taken in taking the photography of shoes, so that the fine details  are seen even in the web version of the photographs. 

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The high print quality  photographs can be used for marketing purpose like preparing a product brochure, displaying on a sign board or creating a hoarding / poster for an exhibition.

All the possible angles and  close up photographs illustrate the detailed and fine craftsmanship of these products. 

Here are the web version photographs: 

top angle photograph of calf leather shoes

side angle photograph of leather shoe

45 degrees photograph of calf leather brown shoes

typical photograph of shoe for website

close up of stiches on leather shoe

close up of shoe laces on a leather shoe

45 degrees side angle photograph of leather shoe

back side of a calf leather shoe

close up of leather shoe

sole of a leather shoe