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Monday, November 16, 2015

How to Learn Online Marketing - The Easy Way

Welcome to Easy Online Marketing Learning !

One of the most challenging aspects for a new comer starting off with online marketing is; from where to start!

The field of online marketing is full of pitfalls; that should be navigated with most cautious  steps.

learning online marketing

Here is a Ten Step Easy Guide to Online Marketing:  

Step 1: Analyse your existing website

This is your home work!

Look closely at your website from user point of view.  

Address the following questions: 

  • Does the website work seamlessly on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile? 
  •  Is the text readable? 
  •  Are the images and graphics  loading fast enough or just taking too long? 
  •  Is it easy to navigate? 
  •  Can you find the relevant information with ease? 
  •  Does it have a search  tool? 
Depending on several factors, there will be positive and negative answers to the above queries.

Do invest time to study each and every web page. 

Remember there are no "extra" pages. In case, you find "orphan" pages, ensure that you delete them from the web server.

To  check you webpage readiness for mobile platforms, you can use this online tool by Google for verification purpose: 

Step 2: Undertake On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to the content on the webpage. 

For a purpose of creating a content rice webpage; ensure that most of the following contents are in place:

1. Text: A well researched text content that is unique and written specifically for the website. Always keep the user / visitor of the website in mind; while writing the content. Do not write for the search engines; the algorithms have become smart enough to recognise the same and penalise the website.

2. Images. Include adequate number of images / graphics in your web pages. It is ideal; to have one image / graphic per 300 words. Do not use copyrighted images / graphics.  You can either purchase images / illustrations / graphics from stock selling websites like or use royalty free images from websites like Pixabay etc.

Step 3: Off-Page Optimisation 


This refers to link building!

There are several strategies and methods to get good quality back links to your web site.

Remember NOT to use any automated online or off-line "tools" that will submit your website to links farms and other "short-cut" methods to get maximum links.

Quality > Quantity.

It is not the number of links that count, but the quality of links.

Link building takes time and efforts; so it is NOT a one stop action; but an on-going process.

Google and other search engines give relevance to a webpage, depending on various factors and of the important one is link building.

Step 4: Undertake Technical Optimisation

This refers to the actual code that is used to the create the webpage.

There are several ways today to create a website.

Here are some of the popular ones:

1. HTML5+ CSS3

2. PHP

3. .NET framework

4. Content Management Systems (CMS)

For the checking the errors and warnings in HTML pages, you can use this free tool called from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):

The situation becomes more complex; when we are dealing with programming platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress. Jhoomla etc.

You may require support from a programming team to weed out the errors / warnings generated.

Standing on a solid platform of validated code, works well in long term; although it may be daunting to begin the task and may cost an additional demand on your time & resources.

Yet, it is a worthwhile investment; that will lay a solid foundation to your online platform.

5. Analyse Competitors websites & Keywords

This is a critical step in building your online strategy. 

A preliminary search for your most important keywords; will display your top  ten competitors in the first SERPs (Search Engine  Result Pages).

Note down all of them in a excel sheet.

Use this parameter in Google to display the links from where the competitor website in getting links.

Note down, the list of the top ten websites, that are linking to each of your competitors.

So in the Excel Sheet, you will have the names of the 10 competitors followed by 10 links for each of them.

You have 100 links to follow-up and get links to them!

Yes, it is not easy to get links and more challenging to get the same from authority websites like .edu and .gov.

6. Make a Content Rich Website

In addition to having done the on-page optimisation; by adding high quality content and images/graphics; you have to make the website better in form of offering different types of content to for users to interact with.

Consider adding some of the following; if not all:

a. Videos - People love to watch rather than red. Period. The consumption of video content is 6000% more than the text consumption. Create short but good videos; that will be add value to the website.

b. Downloadable PDF - You can create or get designed product catalogs / brochures / online technical documents / company profile / newsletters / trade magazines in PDF and allow your visitors to download them. You can use online platform like ISSUU to host your PDFs and display them online.

c. Slide Shows - Slide Shows are popular method to dispensing information; that can be broken down to short formats /bullet points. Add images / graphics along with the text information; adds to the value of the presentation. Slideshare is a popular presentations sharing platform; that is free and allows you to embed the slideshow in your website / blog.

7. Schedule Social Media Calendar

Adding regular content is challenging and it is even more challenging to update the same on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 

Luckily, there are online tools that automate the postings for you!

You can schedule the posts / information to various platforms at specific time / date.

One of the popular social media scheduling online tool is Buffer.

The free version allows scheduling of 10 posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The paid version allows you to schedule 200 for annual fee of $105!

For scheduling posts on Facebook pages, there is an in-built tool available to the Facebook page Admin. They can schedule as many post as they want. 

Here are some more popular social media scheduling tools:

8. Create Youtube Channel

We have already stated that we need to create content rich websites that have videos.

The most popular platform: allows you to add unlimited videos in SD / HD formats and create links to your web pages.

There are several methods to creating your own cost effective videos.

Using royalty free video clips; is a good method to get started.

Download the clips and you can edit them with software like Windows Movie Maker.

For royalty free background music, you can download from here:

9. Check Your Search Engine Rankings

All the efforts that have been invested to get the website up in the rankings must be validated.

There are two ways:

1. Manually checking of SERPs

2. Automated ranking tool

A simple yet crude methodology to "see" your rankings is to actually search for them and check the rankings.

Online tools like give you information on:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Global Rank
  • External Backlinks
  • Referring Domains

10. Evaluate Results

Depending on your industry, keyword competitiveness, website content, the results will vary over period of time.

The work of a SEO expert; is a never ending tasks with iterations and re-work on strategy on long term basis.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Corporate Exhibition Photographs in Mumbai

Here are some of the best examples of corporate event photographs taken for a client in recent past. 

We undertake professional corporate events photography in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane regions.  

Monday, November 2, 2015

World Class Corporate Photography in Mumbai

Here are some of the best office inauguration photographs taken at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) in Mumbai.

New Office Inauguration
New Office Inauguration

Corporate meeting in progress
Corporate meeting in progress

Group Photograph of office executives
Group Photograph of office executives

Group Photograph of office executives
Group Photograph of office executives

Group Photograph of office executives
Office Front

Office meeting
Office meeting

Office welcome
Office welcome

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

Top 5 Best Examples of Corporate Office Photographs

Here are some of the best corporate business photographs with Canon 6D and single flash. 

You can check out more corporate photographs on our website; Digital Studio

Front Office
Front Office

Front Aisle
Front Aisle

Front Aisle
Front Aisle

Office Meeting of executives
Office Meeting of executives

Two Executives
Two Executives

Monday, October 12, 2015

Best Examples of Corporate Photography

Here are some of the best examples of corporate photography in Mumbai.

Taken with a full frame professional camera; Canon 6D with Canon L Series lens; 24-105 f/4; the results are at par with the best. 

Conference room photograph
Conference room photograph

Conference room photograph
Conference room photograph

Two corporate executives walking down an aisle
Two corporate executives walking down an aisle

Executive Corporate meeting with progress
Executive Corporate meeting with progress

Wide angle corporate office photograph
Wide angle corporate office photograph

Wide angle corporate office photograph
Wide angle corporate office photograph

Corporate Reception desk
Corporate Reception desk 

Office Aisle
Office Aisle

Monday, October 5, 2015

How to generate business with videos - A Complete Step by Step Guide

If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a video is worth a million!

With attention spans of online viewers less than 8 seconds on a web page, videos become the most sought after media to communicate.

1. Advantages of videos:

There are many obvious advantages of a video over text / images.

a. Videos are authentic:

A 60 seconds product demo video conveys much more than a 100 page manual!
People rarely have the time and inclination to read a technical manual before using a product.

They would rather watch a couple of short videos showing them the operations of the products and some guidelines on its features. 

You can read blog post on types of demo videos, to understand your exact requirements and take it forward from there.

b. Videos are easily digestible:

The  information given in a video is easy to understand and the viewer are replay the video, pause it and fast forward to any given point and at their own convenience.

A short high quality video with clear audio recording will always be appreciate by your customers.

One of the best ways to promote your products is with the help of product videos on a plain white background.

c. Videos are perfect for email and WhatsApp marketing.

We can always have full HD version for online marketing and another smaller version for email and WhatsApp Marketing.

For help in WhatsApp marketing, you may be interested in this blog post.

EmailMarketing is another powerful marketing tool, that enhances the client engagement. We have a separate blog post in helping you get started with email marketing.

2. Video Promotions and marketing

Promoting a video is the all important. 

Investing time, money and efforts in the video planning, production and execution will generate Return on Investment (ROI) only if it is properly promoted on the various video sharing platforms.

In addition to posting on video  sharing platform, be sure to embed the video in your own corporate website and blog posts.

Sending emailer with your video link / preview generates interest and increases the viewership and engage your clients and business partners.

3. Using Youtube for videos

Youtube remains Numero Uno in  video sharing platforms.

Taken over by Google in 2008, Youtube boasts of daily 1 billion users and 3  billion views!

Yoube is completely free service from Google and anyone with Gmail account can upload there own videos.

Here are some ways to utilise the various tools offered by YouTube for your business videos:

a. Flexibility: You can upload ass many videos you want! From small web versions to 4k videos, Youtube supports them all.  

b. Adding Captions: You can add captions to your video and provide additional information about your video to the viewers.

c. Add link: Your business website can be associated with your Youtube videos and what better to have link from Google's Youtube!

d. Description:  In the video description, you can provide complete information about the product/service being demonstrated in the video along with more links to your webpage / blog post.

4. Other video sharing platforms

In addition to ever popular video sharing platform of Youtube, there are others which will allow you to upload videos.

Some of them provide unlimited video uploads while others have a paid subscription.

Although there are 100+ video sharing websites, here are some short-listed one:


Videos are the future of web! 

Developing quality content never goes waste is appreciated by clients and create loyal followers.