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Monday, October 13, 2014

How to edit and post process industrial products

Editing and post processing industrial product photographs

One of the challenging aspects of completing any photography assignment is the final delivery of the images. 

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The images required by the client should adhere to the following:

  • Web resolution version, this is typically 72DPI and having maximum dimension size of 800 pixels width or height wise, with white background.
  • Print resolution version, this version is used for the print media and has the 240 DPI or higher resolution. The original dimensions of the photograph captured by the camera is the default size delivered, with white background.
  • Cut-Out version, this is the Photo Shop Document (PSD), that is required by graphic designers and brochure designers. The product is separated out from the transparent background and  placed in a separate layer.
Here is an example, of a laboratory equipment photography, in which post processing was done to achieve the final desired results:

Photograph with cut out and editing to remove the reflections and shadows

Photograph, with cutout ONLY. Notice the dark shadows and reflections on the equipment!