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Monday, December 30, 2013

Refinery Photography

Refinery Photography

Photography of Refinery involves covering vast areas with ultra wide angle lens with a professional camera. A typical refinery consists of the main plant, the control centre, raw goods inwards section, admin office, emergency first aid centre, canteen and finally warehouse from where the final finished products are sent by trucks to their respective destinations.

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There are many important processes to be covered extensively by the photographer and this involves studying the complete layout of the plant as well as the processes to be covered.

Panorama and HDR photography become more of a necessity rather than an optional photography service. 

The typical time duration required is one full day and in case the night shoot is involved, we may require to stay back late in the evening to capture the plant with all its lights glowing brightly. 

Here are some of the photographs captured for IG Petro Chemicals Ltd. @ Taloja. 

Refinery long shot

Closeup shot of refinery


vertical refinery photgraphy


Petrochemical refinery photography

Petrochemical Refinery