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Friday, September 13, 2013

Furniture Photography in Mumbai

Furniture Photography in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

There are various types of furniture's that are required to be photographed either by the manufacturing company or by the marketing agency. 

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The following are the common type of furniture's,  that are photographed:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Sofa sets
  • Recliners
  • Divan
  • Beds
  • Stools
  • Desks
  • Cupboard
  • Filing cabinet
  • Wardrobe

The photography is done either at a large studio or in most of the cases, the studio is setup at the site where the furniture is made, as it is not very practical to transport them to the studio in the most of the cases due to logistics and costing of handling involved.
The lighting setup changes as per the requirements of the client as well as depends to a large extent on the furniture material, based on the materials used, the furniture can be classified into following types: 

  • Wooden furniture
  • Bamboo furniture
  • Wicker or rattan furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • Plastic furniture (a.k.a. acrylic furniture)
  • Glass furniture
  • Concrete furniture
  • Stainless Steel furniture

Lighting setup:

In most of the cases, two lights placed at 45 degrees to the furniture are adequate to light it, in addition to the ambient light of the showroom / factory. The lights are placed at the same height as the furniture so that maximum details are highlighted. In the case, of wood carved furniture or antique furniture, the lights are placed in such a fashion, that the intricate details of the carving and fine work done is displayed clearly.

Using models along with furniture:

For advertising type of photography, in some cases, if the art director requires to have a male/female model to be photographed along with the furniture, the entire lighting setup and the studio set changes. These type of photographs are generally used for marketing of high end furniture's that may have intricate designs and belonging to bespoke collections.

Furniture photography real world setup:

In high end furniture products, it becomes important to showcase the products in real life scenario and not as a cut-out image. The setting up of such a shoot requires arrangement of not just of the furniture, but also of the lights, accessories and other supporting furniture items.