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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Model Photography with Jewelry

There are two approaches to taking jewelry photographs, one if the stand alone jewelry shots taken in a specific theme based background or with plain white background and second approach is to shoot the jewelry on a model.

The  complexity of the photography of jewelry with models, increases multi-fold due to the inherent nature of the photography. There are various aspects to be considered when taking photographs in a specific manner.

The following points have to be considered while such a shoot is under taken:

1. Client's Budget: To a very large extent, the budget sometimes, defines the final outcome. The choice of the model to settings of the lights are some of the factors directly affected by the client's budget. What is the client looking for? High end photographs for international publications or giant sized hoardings to be splashed across the country? Or is the end use of the photographs going to be getting a catalog printed or maybe only web use.

2. Model selection: Depending on the photographer's choice and the model coordination agency, a model maybe selected based on the availability and schedule of the shoot.

3. Photo-Studio: Any decent sized photo-studio should be sufficient for a close up photograph of the model with jewelry. As full length photographs are not required, a relatively smaller place of 10' x 15' should be adequate.

4. Lights: Depending on the final requirement, one or two lights should be enough for the shoot. in some cases, just a main light  coupled with a reflector should be good enough to highlight the jewelry.

5. Apparel: As the focus is on close-up photographs, the model generally wears a tube top, so that there is no dress visible in the photograph. Cropping of the photograph, should be avoided as much as possible and emphasis should be given to the jewelry and model's face, hands, neck and shoulders.

6. Makeup: The make-up artist plays a crucial role in these type of shoots. There must be subtle makeup, so that the attention of the viewer is drawn towards the jewelry and not towards the model. The makeup artist must ensure that the make-up is applied evenly, so that there are no dark areas or skin tone differences visible.

7. Hair Stylist: One of the popular hair styles used in these types of shoots is to have the hair tied upwards and only couple of hair strands are dropping down.

8. Post processing: Once, the photography session is done, the post processing artist works closely with the client to achieve the desired effect. One of the popular options is to convert the model to b/w and leave the jewelry in colour and also enhance the effect of the jewelry with sparkle etc.
Depending on the number of changes, it may take as much as a full session of 8 hours to shoot 20-30 jewelry items, which again depends on the choice of the client to have variations on the makeup / hair styles etc. Sometimes, multiple angles are photographed of a single piece of jewelry.

Here are a few samples: 

jewelry photography on models
Earrings photography

Different angle for jewelry photograph with model
Another angle

model with jewelry photography
Front facing model with jewelry


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Advantages of Aerial Photography

Advantages of Aerial Photography

There are several advantages of taking photographs from an elevation. 

The varied requirements of the most of the businesses can be catered by taking photographs from a vantage point. Some of the most breathtaking photographs ever taken have been from a vantage point that offers a viewer a bird's eye view of the location. The location may be a scenic Himalayas or blue lake or in fact a small island. 

There is no doubt that the photographs taken from air are always enticing and exciting. Care should always be taken when taking aerial photographs of government buildings and other sensitive locations like defense sites, nuclear power stations, armed forces etc. In some, industrial locations there maybe changes that there are over wires that cause serious safety issues with the flying helicopters or multi-copters. 

In most of the cases, the Remote Controlled (RC) helicopters and drones are fitted with light weight advanced point-shoot cameras that are able to shoot high quality photographs as well as in some cases full HD videos. 

 One of the most popular cameras used for aerial photography is Sony RX 100, that enables the photographer to take JPEG + RAW photographs. Shooting with RAW provides a huge advantage from the post processing point of view. 

Popular photo editing software like Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Elements can be used to edit the photographs on Windows based platforms, which for users on Mac platform can use iOS based photo editing software like Aperture that sells for USD 79. The height from which the aerial photography is taken makes all the difference! 

Depending on the requirements, the height can vary from anywhere between 50 feet to 500 feet. Above 500 feet, it become risky and the winds can caused the flying drone to wobble and the resulting photographs maybe blurry and practically un-usable. 

Here are some of the benefits of hiring aerial photographers: 

1. Vantage point: No other form of device will allow you to have the photograph taken from a vantage point, that offers a bird's eye view of the location. 

2. Unique perspective: The angle at which the photographs are taken from air are always very flattering and combined with the horizon with setting / rising sun, results in eye catching and dramatic images that are impressive and effective in connecting with the audience. 

3. Glamorous: In events like high profile weddings, aerial photography adds to the glamour factor and a novel manner to entertain the guests.